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We design and produce high quality clothes for basketball teams of all levels.

Unique 100% custom designs are now a reality. Give your team the identity it deserves !

Our range includes:


  • Basketball jerseys & shorts

  • Compression pants

  • Warm up tshirts

  • Socks

  • Sleeves

  • Hoodies

  • Tracksuits

  • Men, women & kids sizes 

Get in touch with us to receive your customized team quote !

Our basketball best sellers


Our high quality jerseys and shorts guarantee a professional look for your team.

Forget about iron-on sponsor logos , player names & numbers, our kits come with everything printed on them! This way jerseys last longer, sponsors get maximum exposure and players enjoy clothing that is light and breathing.

Our playing kits

  • Are 100% customizable

  • Are made of ultra light fabric .

  • Are specially designed for the sport of basketball .

  • Are printed with inks certified by the OEKOTEX standard.

  • Include player name & numbers .


The Anthrax custom sleeve is a unique accesory that can be customized with your team design.

Features include:


  • High density , 4-way stretch fabric that protects from friction burns and ensures durability.

  • Stitched with DuraThread elastic flat seams to maximize comfort and durability.

  • 100% custom design. 


You can now complement your playing kit with a matching pair of socks, exclusively designed for your team !

The new Anthrax customizable socks are made of soft fabric and are reinforced in crucial areas like the heel, toes, and arch. Add your name and number and create a unique pair of socks!


Create your own pair of socks and upgrade your look now!


Features include

  • Re-inforced heels, toes, and arch

  • 100% customizable

  • No-seams construction

  • Available in different sizes/lengths .

  • Made of extra soft synthetic fabric


The Anthrax compression pants offer unparalleled comfort paired with a 100% custom design.

Create a unique product for your team and fans to wear !

Features include

  • Muscle compression for maximum performance.

  • Full leg coverage protects the lower body from friction burns.

  • Preserves body heat.

  • Made of moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch material.

  • DuraThread elastic flat seams maximize comfort and durability.


VIBY BC - 3D Presnt
VIBY BC - T-shirt Presnt
TBC - Hybrid Hoody presnt
TBC - Polo presnt
TBC - B Set presnt_BLACK
TBC - B Set presnt
SSA - Zip Hoody presnt
Sport TS presnt
SL - B Set 3D presnt
Set presnt_02
Set presnt
SB - B Set presnt
Pelargoi - Zip Hoody presnt
Pelargoi - Sport TS presnt
MBC - Sport TS presnt
MBC - Set presnt_LIME
MBC - Set presnt_GREY
MBC - B Set presnt
MBC - B Set presnt_BLACK
MAM - B Set presnt
Machites - Zip Hoody presnt
Machites - Hybrid Pants presnt
Machites - Sport TS presnt
Machites - Hybrid Hoody presnt
Machites - Comp Pants presnt
Machites - B Set presnt_YELLOW
Machites - B Set presnt
Hellas - B Set presnt
Haagen - Sport TS presnt
Haagen - Set presnt_BORDO