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The Anthrax Zero Waste pact

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Every year tons of unsold clothing , from many brands across the globe , are destroyed or burried in landfills . This is a true waste and a scourge for all of us. Overproduction has a huge impact on our environment. Moreover, the more we produce, the more waste is accumulated.

Here at Anthrax we have developed a production model that eliminates the need to discard unsold clothing. Taking advantage of our experience in custom made clothing, we established a new way to bring to the market our ready-to-wear clothing collection, available at . We have managed to develop a unique production process that allows us to only produce clothing when we receive an order from our end customer, you ! We do not keep products in stock, and therefore we dont need to discard the stock that will remain unsold at the end of the season.

This is what we have come to call the Anthrax zero-waste pact and it is the reason that it takes us from two to four days to ship your order. It is a model that took us years to perfect and we are determined to stick to it ! We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and our vision is to minimize the negative environmental impact of apparel production.

Interesting how resource hungry a simple t-shirt can be!

Our responsibility to protect the environment the environment does not end with the Anthrax zero waste pact. There are several actions that we are taking in our day-to-day operations to promote sustainability.

- We recycle production waste such as fabrics, paper, and packaging. In our facilities, there are special containers where the textile waste is placed and then recycled.

- We support the idea of a paperless office and our goal is to be entirely paperless in the future.

- We plan to complete our plastic free delivery plan within 2021. This means that packaging material used for the preparation and delivery of your order will not include and plastic. Bye bye plastic bags!

- We are the designing a whole new product family based on recycled synthetic fabrics and fabrics made from repurposed ocean waste.



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