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Forging Paths: The Anthrax Sportswear & Olympus Marathon Partnership

A Legacy of Endurance and Excellence

With the 20th Olympus Marathon just around the corner, the buzz in the trail running community is electric. Nestled in the breathtaking scenery of Mount Olympus, Greece—the legendary "Mountain of the Gods"—this iconic event returns to Litochoro in June 2024. More than just a race, the Olympus Marathon is a homage to ancient Greek tradition, attracting global participants ready to conquer the same sacred trails once tread by those honoring Zeus.

Endurance and Excellence: The Olympus Marathon Legacy

We're stoked to announce that Anthrax Sportswear is teaming up with the Olympus Marathon for the second year running. Our partnership is a match made in trail running heaven, blending innovation with tradition for one of the sport's most revered events. At Anthrax, we’re committed to crafting gear that meets the high demands of elite athletes while honoring the pristine environment of Mount Olympus. Our sustainable, top-quality gear is built to endure the challenges of this epic race, ensuring runners stay comfortable and perform at their peak.

Introducing the Exclusive Olympus Marathon Collection

To celebrate our ongoing collaboration, we’re rolling out the exclusive Olympus Marathon Collection, available now at This specially curated line features high-performance gear designed for the trail and crafted to meet the standards of champions. From moisture-wicking fabrics to ergonomic fits, each piece is engineered to boost your performance and keep you focused on the trail.

Why This Partnership Rocks for Event and Race Organizers

  1. Custom Apparel Solutions: With our expertise in high-performance sportswear, athletes get the best gear, tailored to the unique demands of trail running on Mount Olympus. This boosts the overall participant experience, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat registrations.

  2. Sustainability and Quality: Our dedication to sustainability resonates with the growing eco-consciousness among athletes and organizers. By offering durable, eco-friendly gear, we support the marathon’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.

  3. Exclusive Collections and Merchandising: The Olympus Marathon Collection opens up unique merchandising opportunities, creating a new revenue stream for event organizers. Participants and fans can snag exclusive gear, forging a lasting connection to the event.

  4. Shared Marketing Power: Our partnership includes joint marketing efforts, leveraging Anthrax Sportswear's reach and expertise to promote the Olympus Marathon. This amplifies the event’s visibility across multiple channels, attracting a wider audience.

Looking Forward

Reflecting on our inaugural year of partnership, we're proud of the positive impact we’ve made together. As we gear up for another exhilarating Olympus Marathon, our goal is to further elevate the experience for all participants. By outfitting runners in gear inspired by the mountain of the gods, we aim to inspire greatness and celebrate the enduring legacy of this incredible event.

Join us in celebrating trails and triumphs at the Olympus Marathon 2024. Together with Anthrax Sportswear, let’s make this year’s race an unforgettable journey of endurance, adventure, and excellence.

For more information and to explore the exclusive Olympus Marathon Collection, visit

Here’s to another year of trailblazing success at the Olympus Marathon!

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